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BeSpoke Process

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1. Choose the color and weight class of fabric.

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2. Submit your measurements (Please use the measurement guide provided).

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3. Submit 3 photos of self. We suggest keeping your arms straight down on your side: front view posture, back view posture, side view posture. (Please refer to the guide provided). 

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4. Remit payment. 

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5. Once Payment has been made. BeSpoke by Alex will receive your order form and self-images.  BeSpoke by Alex will reach out to schedule a phone session to go over any desired style.

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6. Order processing /Shipping /Delivery time:  5-6 weeks.

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1. Schedule in personal fitting session. Initial discussion to identify details on specifics including occasion and location. This information will help us when selecting the fabrics for your custom suit.

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2. Selection of fabrics.

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3. Measurement intake and suit style discussion.

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4. Finalize and approve order.

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5. Order processing/ Shipping/ Delivery time:  5-6 weeks.

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6. Schedule follow-up fitting session.

Premium Fabric

Super 120's - Super 180's

Customized Fitting

Made for you

Quality over Qauntity

Experience Tailor

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