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Our Story

Bespoke by Alex

When Bespoke By Alex first started,  founder Alex Syed accomplished more than just a BeSpoke experience. As a young boy, he was completely inspired by his grandfather’s perfection and work ethic in achieving not only customer satisfaction, but most importantly building long lasting client relationships, some even became lifelong friends. 

As time passed, Alex learned all he could about measurements, fabrics, and alterations. The ultimate challenge was to continue his grandfather’s legacy. And so he did!

His motivation started out “wanting” to dress like celebrities who wore extraordinary suits to actually create custom suits with the finest fabrics for clients all over the world, even celebrities! Not only will they feel like a million dollars, but they will have made a lifelong friend! 

Alex’s goal is not to just achieve a custom made suit for his clients, rather his journey through the BeSpoke process is to build trustworthy relationships with his clients. As well as setting positive intentions during the process to create the perfect custom suit. Intentions, elegance and perfection are KEY to his process. 

Creating custom suits is not a hobby, it’s a passion of Alex’s. He prides himself with absolute customer satisfaction and holds himself accountable to not only creating a custom suit from start to finish, but also having his clients feel ultimately special in their suits for any occasion.

Alex’s passion for careful and thoughtful designs of custom suit making carries much aspiration in our plans for BeSpoke by Alex’s future, which is to be bigger and brighter!

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